2015 World Breastfeeding Week Theme

Contributed by Kari Aist, BCVC Board Member

This year’s theme for WABA’s World Breastfeeding Week was “Breastfeeding and Work: Let’s Make it Work!” A wonderful example of someone who embodies that theme is Hannah Leon, the breastfeeding, babywearing, home-based entrepreneur photographer who photo-documented this year’s Miracle Milk Stroll in May and our big World Breastfeeding Week celebration on August 1st called Live Love Latch Ventura County. You can see some of Hannah’s amazing work on the BCVC Facebook page.

Hannah Mariette Leon:

  • 27 years old
  • Mother of 1-year-old son Wolfie
  • Married for 3 years to Gregory
  • 2010 BA in photojournalism from the Brooks Institute
  • Previous job–baby photographer at CMH
  • Current profession: family portrait photographer

When she became a mom, Hannah decided to switch to family portrait-taking as a profession because that was a way for her to work from home and spend more time with Wolfie. She loves

  • that her family could manage the transition to a smaller income
  • how breastfeeding combines well with her photography business
  • how breastfeeding makes her work easier
    • no bottle prep time
    • keeping Wolfie content at the breast while she works
  • that families she photographs welcome Wolfie, so minimal time apart is needed.

She greatly admires parents who work outside the home and must make a tremendous effort to maintain a breastmilk supply by pumping in order to feed their babies and preserve the breastfeeding relationship.

Hannah’s skill at multi-tasking is remarkable. It’s awesome to see her in action, nursing and babywearing while moving around shooting photos with a large camera in hand!


She was caught by surprise by her passion for breastfeeding. Her experiences as a nursing mother have ignited in her a need to learn more about lactation, as well as a desire to help others.

Nursing Wolfie got off to a challenging start, with flat nipples and a tongue tie interfering with good milk transfer. Nipple shields and a frenotomy, plus an incredible determination to succeed at breastfeeding which drove her to nurse her son almost constantly until everything clicked into place at four months, helped Hannah understand the need for good lactation support, which she found

  • with early help from Mary Ann Cerda at the CMH New Parent Resource Center
  • attending NPRC’s weekly breastfeeding support groups
  • in an incredible online support community, Ventura County Nursing Mamas (VCNM).

Hannah has been very enthusiastic about giving back to the breastfeeding community by which she has felt so well supported. She is planning to photograph the Donor Milk Drive event coming up on Friday, August 28 and is eager to explore other ways to help.

Kudos to a Working and Breastfeeding mama who is clearly Making It Work!

Hannah’s contact info: