BCVC has traditionally recognized breastfeeding champions in the community during World Breastfeeding Week. These awards have evolved into the BCVC “Liquid Gold Breastfeeding Award”, presented to an individual or group for their notable support and protection of breastfeeding. The award honors those who serve as a model of support for others in their profession or community.

This year, the Board of BCVC chose specifically to honor a physician. Physicians have a tremendous impact on whether or not a mother continues to breastfeed. From amongst several nominations, Dr. Abhay Vaidya was chosen as this year’s recipient.

Studies have shown that top reasons for discontinuation of breastfeeding include mother’s concern that her baby is not getting enough milk, and pain with breastfeeding. A condition called ankyloglossia – commonly referred to as “tongue tie” – can affect both mother’s comfort and baby’s ability to transfer milk. Lactation consultants can screen for this condition, but it is out of their scope of practice to diagnose or treat. Dr. Vaidya has provided this much-needed service for families, thereby making a difference for breastfeeding mothers who very likely would have otherwise given up breastfeeding. Families often have difficulty finding a specialist who both recognizes the impact that tongue tie can have on breastfeeding, and is willing to release tongue tie for this purpose. Dr. Vaidya has also identified and treated what is referred to as “posterior” tongue tie, a condition that is often overlooked by other providers and lactation consultants, but can significantly impact breastfeeding.

A statement from just one of the many mothers Dr. Vaidya has helped to continue breastfeeding:

“I saw Dr. Vaidya… the baby was tongue-tied… he clipped the tongue and now breastfeeding is going beautifully. I was going to stop breastfeeding because it was too painful, and now I can continue.”

Dr. Vaidya is an ENT specialist who sees patients of all ages at West Coast Ear, Nose and Throat. His specialties include treating children, allergy and sinus diseases, thyroid and parathyroid disorders.

Congratulations Dr. Vaidya, and thank you for supporting breastfeeding in Ventura County!

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