Who We Are

The Coalition is a non profit 501c3 corporation, comprised of health care providers, community leaders, policy makers, and parents, as well as public and private organizations with the common goal of promoting and supporting breastfeeding as the culture norm in Ventura County.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote breastfeeding in the community by providing resources and education to families, health care professionals, employers, and policy makers.

What We Do


    • Resource Guide: The Breastfeeding Guide is provided for all families in Ventura County. The guide is distributed widely through local hospitals, clinics, private institutions and is also available on our website. The guide consists of an extensive list of lactation professionals, support groups and hospital breastfeeding resources. Permission is granted to print, copy and distribute widely.
    • Website: A premier resource for breastfeeding education, support and promotion.  Families can find common breastfeeding topics and support including a directory of breastfeeding support in their area. Lactation education and upcoming events are provided for health care and lactation professionals.


The Breastfeeding Coalition holds an annual continuing education seminar for all health care and lactation professionals. Events provide CEU’s and LCerp’s on a lactation specific topic.

Previous speakers have included Kittie Frantz, Dr. Nancy Wight, Lisa Marasco and Kay Hoover.


In observance of World Breastfeeding Week, the annual Breastfeeding Friendly Awards are given to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, licensed childcare providers and physicians located within Ventura County in recognition of outstanding promotion, advocacy and support of breastfeeding. The awards are presented during a Board Of Supervisors Meeting, with the goal of bringing breastfeeding awareness and advocacy to the community and our County’s policy makers.